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Memorable Weddings 
Reflecting Your
Love, Beliefs, & Desires

Congratulations On Finding Your Person!

How do you envision your wedding ceremony?
Is it traditional where you walk the aisle surrounded by loved ones?
Is it cozy and intimate, celebrated by the lake with your closest friends?
Is your focus less on the ceremony, and more on legally declaring your love?

Whatever your vision, what you have in common is love and a desire to be legally wed in Ontario. What you’re missing is an officiant. Shelley is a licenced officiant who brings your love story to life with a personalized wedding ceremony. She is adaptable, professional, and focused on the magic of your love story. She honours the unique needs of people from all cultures, backgrounds, and faiths. Shelley is committed to guiding you to express your individuality throughout your ceremony, crafting a celebration with love, humour, and grace, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Love is love, let's celebrate yours!


"All About Us"




Personalized, Heartfelt, Memorable, & Magical 

You desire a public ceremony to celebrate and legalize your union. Shelley is invested in learning your (i) unique love story, to share this magic in a heartfelt, lyrical ceremony. She will weave in any meaningful symbolic, cultural, or (i) traditional rituals or (i) readings. She encourages her to-be-weds to convey their love and commitment to each other with their own (i) vows  and supports their writing process. Shelley will craft a ceremony that genuinely reflects the two of you coming together in love.

"Making It Legal"




Simple, Full of Meaning, Style, & Romance

You desire a private ceremony to celebrate and legalize your union. On the first complimentary call Shelley invests in knowing who you are as a couple and why you desire to make it legal. Whether you are having an unlicensed friend or religious leader perform a ceremony, having a ceremony in another country, or desire small and simple, Shelley will deliver a memorable

(i) legal ceremony in away that honours your unique love story.

Compare & Choose

A Package That's Uniquely You

"Making It Legal"
"All About Us"
Pre-Wedding Communication
Crafting Your Unique Love Story
Incl. symbolic, cultural, or traditional rituals
Incl. Your Own Vows
Virtual Rehearsal
Arrival Time
15 Minutes Before
30 Minutes Before
Ceremony Duration
Under 15 Minutes
Under 30 Minutes
Legal Registration of Your Marriage License


Customize Your Experience

Distance Fee


Per KM + HST

I am excited to be officiating ceremonies in Halton, including Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Hamilton, and Grimsby.


For locations greater than 15 km from our location in Burlington, Ontario, an additional fee of $0.80 cents/km both ways applies.

In-person Rehearsal



This service provides an opportunity for couples to rehearse their wedding ceremony in-person. My goal is to ensure that the wedding ceremony runs smoothly and that everyone involved feels comfortable and confident on the big day.


Distance fees may apply.

Couples Counselling


Hourly + HST

This service offers expert guidance to help you improve your relationship with your partner, both before and after your wedding.

With over two decades of experience, I can help guide you back to your joyful and authentic self and become the best partner you can be.


Your big day,

your love story,
my focus is on both.

Crafting Your
Unique Love Story

Shelley invests in knowing and telling the story of your special connection using her signature three-step process:

  1. Conversations with you

  2. Questionnaire

  3. Conversations with two of your closest loved ones

Shelley will integrate all information gathered to craft a heartfelt, joyful ceremony filled with precious moments unique to you. She listens and honours your desires, intuitively registers your needs, and offers clear supportive suggestions throughout the planning process to bring out the truest expression of the love being witnessed.

Words take on a whole new meaning when spoken as part of your ceremony. Shelley chooses words with intention to reflect your individuality and wedding style so you and your loved ones will laugh and feel the feels throughout your ceremony.

Call your partner over - here's a preview of what you can expect:

Wedding Vow Shelley Kabelin
00:00 / 00:55
  • What is a Metaphysical Minister?
    Metaphysics is a non-traditional inclusive approach to religion, founded in quantum physics, focused on the spiritual principles of love, peace, universal truths, and oneness of all life. As an ordained Metaphysical Minister, I offer ceremonies focused on love and inclusivity. Love is love!
  • Are there any restrictions on where I can get legally married in Ontario?
    No-- you can get legally married anywhere you choose. Today, where we marry is an important choice to reflect the love being celebrated. The lake, your home, a park, a restaurant, a wedding venue, or even in the hospital. Love has infinite expressions, as does your choice of where to legalize your marriage.
  • Who can legally marry us?
    You and your partner must be married by a person who has a license to wed. In Ontario, you can choose to be married by a legal representative licensed to marry in a civil wedding at city hall or by a religious representative licensed to marry anywhere. I offer a religious wedding ceremony focused on love and inclusivity.
  • What are the essentials of a wedding ceremony?
    I offer a statement about your unique love, then the essentials of affirmation, intent, vow exchange, consent, ring exchange (optional), official declaration, kiss (optional), signing & registration of the license.
  • When do I get the marriage licence and marriage certificate?
    In Ontario you require a Marriage Licence to become legally married. You can save time, download the Marriage License Application form , complete the applicant portion of the form with signatures. Then one of the applicants takes both applicants 2 pieces of government-issued original identification (one must include photo) to any City Hall in Ontario within 90 days of your ceremony to pick up the license. Bring the licence on the day of your wedding ceremony, the officiant will guide you and your two witnesses through the necessary paperwork and register it with the government (it can take up to 90 days for their processing). Download the Marriage License Application form below: The newly weds can apply for their Marriage Certificate online any day after their ceremony. The short form is recommended.
  • What are some different types of rituals that I can include in my ceremony?
    There are many marriage rituals that can be included in your wedding ceremony to weave in your traditions and heritage. I have created scripts for many including unity candle, unity sand, saptapadi, san san kudo, breaking glass, great spirit smudge, sofreh aghd, quaich toast, handfasting, and many more!
  • What are some different types of readings I can include in my ceremony?
    Readings set a tone and acknowledge the reader as someone very special in your life. Words take on a whole new meaning when spoken minutes before your wedding vows. This can be your favourite quote from a book, movie, or anything that has meaning to you. I can share my extensive list, including my personal favourite: Love and Devotion by Osho.
  • What does a full 30-minute ceremony look like?
    Your unique full wedding ceremony begins with announcements to get your guests ready for your entrance, then the processional followed by words of welcome crafted from your unique love story. Reading and Rituals are optional followed by affirmation of witnesses. Your intent is stated and your personal vows are exchanged. Consent to be married is exchanged as are rings. The marriage is pronounced and sealed with a kiss. The marriage licence is signed. I offer some words of love and pronounce you to your loved ones before your celebratory recessional.
How It Works

How To - "I do!"

If you're planning to get married in Ontario, obtaining a marriage license is an essential step. To save time, download the Marriage License Application form before visiting City Hall. 

You only need one applicant to go if you have your partner's two pieces of
government-issued identification (one must include photo) and signatures on the form. Once you have completed the form, you can pick up your license from any City Hall in Ontario within 90 days of your ceremony.

On the day of your wedding ceremony, as your officiant, I will guide you and your two witnesses through the necessary paperwork and register it with the government.


About Me

Hi there! My name is Shelley Kabelin, and I am a legal wedding officiant serving the Halton and Greater Toronto Areas. I am a Metaphysical Minister with CIMM (Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry) licensed to marry couples in Ontario. I specialize in contemporary, love-filled wedding ceremonies that celebrate the love, beliefs, and desires of the celebrants. To me, there's no better feeling than being a part of a couple's special day, offering a personalized experience that reflects their unique love story. Whether you come from different faiths, identify as LGBTQIA2S+, or have different cultural backgrounds, I enjoy weaving in traditions and rituals that celebrate your heritage.

Aside from being a wedding officiant, I am also an intuitive healer, counsellor, and teacher with over 25 years of experience. I founded Eagles Wings Healing Centre in 1999, and have helped people all over the world for the last two decades. This work compliments my role as a celebrant, allowing me to create a calming and loving space for your special day. I also apply my 10 years experience in marketing and project management to ensure the words of your ceremony and logistics of the day flow as intended. Above all, I am committed to making your special day both meaningful and memorable for you and your loved ones.


If you're looking for a personalized, meaningful, and unforgettable wedding ceremony, please get in touch with me today. I would be honoured to be a part of your special day.

Shelley Kabelin Wedding Officiant

Halton & Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada)

LGBTQIA2S+ Friendly

Celebrating All Religions & Spiritualities

Pets and Children are Welcome

Personalized Ceremony - Uniquely You


Love Letters
From My Happy Couples

We had an extraordinary ceremony!

Shelley is not an ordinary officiant! She is a great story teller and compassionate person who tries to give you the dream ceremony you always wished for! She doesn’t hesitate to go out of her way to accommodate your needs! My husband and I were honoured to have Shelley as our officiant and we recommend her to anyone who wants an extraordinary experience!

Jaleh M

Married on July 29, 2023

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