Certified as a Master in the Healing Arts since 2001, in over 50 healing modalities, Shelley's unique teaching style is encouraging, uplifting, and offers much more than the material at hand.

Choose from Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Hot Stone Therapy, Axiatonal Alignment Therapy, Foot Reflexology, or Healer Mentoring

If you know that you don't know, that is a great beginning. Then it is possible for you to know.                                                                                                                 Socrates

Healer Mentoring

Would you like to learn some new tools to add to your tool belt, or have some questions answered regarding your healing abilities?   Set up a Healer Mentoring session in person or via Skype today!    


Reiki I

Awaken the healer within in this 6 hour certification class.  Learn and practise how to channel Rei (universal) Ki (life force) for self healing, healing of others, plants and animals.  Learn about the chakra system and how to clear yourself of energy.  In addition, you will receive 4 attunements during a peaceful, meditative journey of connecting with your full soul.

Reiki II

Advance your ability to transmute pain and fear to love in this 6 hour certification class.  Learn to use symbols to channel life force, work with emotions or offer long distance healing.  In addition, you will receive 2 attunements during a meditative journey of expanding your capacity for love.

Reiki Master

Follow your inner calling to be a teacher of Reiki in this 12 hour certification class.  Learn how to teach all 3 levels of Reiki including master teacher, how to pass on all 8 attunements, and how to use symbols for attunements.  In addition, you will receive 2 attunements during a peaceful, meditative journey to connect with your master teachers.

Axiatonal Alignment Therapy

Also termed Reiki Level 4, Axiatonal Alignment Therapy permanently opens damaged or blocked meridians to release emotional and karmic blocks that hold us in patterns of fear and pain.  In this 6 hour certification class practise clearing the axiatonal lines, connecting the meridian points and opening the recipient to universal love.

Therapeutic Touch 

All reality consists of flowing energy fields.  When illness or injury occurs, the flow of energy is disrupted or depleted.  Therapeutic Touch is a non-touch healing technique that restores the flow of energy in 2-20 min.   

There are 3 certifications for Therapeutic Touch and each class is 3 hours. 

Therapeutic Touch I

Become familiar with energy fields and how to work with them, as well as trusting your own intuition.  Learn and practise the physical TT techniques.

Therapeutic Touch II

Become effective in applying colour to healing and expand on your intuition and healing abilities.

Therapeutic Touch III

Become effective in applying healing to the auric field for emotional and spiritual healing. 

Hot Stone Therapy

During this interactive hands-on, 10 hour certification class use the kit provided to work with the 58 basalt lava stones.  Learn the massage techniques, treatment process, history prep and cleaning of stones.

Kit includes:  58 basalt lava stones, tub to carry stones, 1 large /1 small strainer, 2 foot ties, bag of eye pads, bottle of holly oil, bottle of tea tree oil, bottle of nature clean, jar of sea salt, jar of baking soda, sponge, foam liner for oven and rubber gloves.

Additional requirements not included: 18/20 quart electric roasting oven, massage table, comforter, king flat sheet, large towel, 2 pillow cases, 4 hand towels, full pillow, 1/2 pillow, face crest with cover, small bowl, eye sack.

Foot Reflexology 

In this 28 hour hands-on course (in accordance with the Reflexology Association of Canada) learn the history and theory of reflexology, benefits and frequency by health condition, anatomy and physiology as they correspond with reflex points of the feet, foot assessment and charting.

You will be required to submit 25 case charts before the practical exam is administered.  A written exam is administered for full certification.

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