Spirit Guides

Each of us have 33 different sprit guides in a lifetime.  A spirit guide has been incarnated.

Angles - guardian - keep safe and protected until you fulfill your spiritual purpose

Runners - nature sprities - connect you to what you are looking for

Helpers - change according to what you need.  When you are in over your head

Healers - keep you focused on wellness and balance, direct awareness to stay well.

Joy Guides - bring you back to NOW when you loos perspective

Master - Ascended master.  (eg:Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed)

Teachers - stimulate desire to grow and learn in your awareness, often work through people

Animal Guides - guide you in specific time of life, much like helpers

Ask and they will help

Ask and they will reveal themselves to you in dreams, images, message, signs, symbols.  Listen and you will receive the intuitive guidance as a soft, subtle, gentle whisper that comes with great peace.



There are 9 levels to the angelic realm.

Angel - beings assigned to a person to assist by channeling energy to and from the divine

Archangel - Special forces of angelic realm that channel energy to and from humans and diving

Principalities - Guardian of large group (country/religion).

Power - Warrior angel, bring clarity to situation of trouble or need.

Virtues - Bring spiritual consciousness to earth.

Dominion - Concerned with leadership and cause and effect

Thrones - Collect positive energy and direct to planet. Smooth group relations

Cherubim - Guardians of light, they channel positive. energy from divinity.  Provide wisdom and guidance

Seraphim - Closest to divinity, angles of pure lovea nd light. Raise energy for humanity

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